Monday, 10 September 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Recently, a very nice lady who has known me since I was a toddler, if not younger, encouraged me to write based on my Facebook posts. So, here I am. I know at least I have fodder for a few posts and hopefully, those few might lead me to share more. I expect there are billions of blogs out there, but given the fact that there are also billions of unique human beings on the planet, this blog will also be unique.

As I write, Q, aged 13 months is yelling. Protesting about the end of a mostly happy day of playtime with her big sis, M, and the arrival of bedtime. There are also teeth arriving. Molars. Sore swollen gums making appetite for anything but muesli bars unappealing. It's difficult to concentrate on anything with the very young about. Their little cries (or big cries) are like an alarm that won't let you ignore them....sleep has arrived after an eon of bottom patting and at last, quiet has come.

Anyway, I'll try and make this blog fun. So that you may actually want to read it, and maybe even be inspired by it. I'll be sharing some of my favourite things, and perhaps a few secrets I have picked up along the way to make life and my current 24 hour a day job of being a Mummy just a wee bit easier. There will be shopping tips, interiors, party planning, travel, cool things and food.... and a definite promise of bad craft :D


So Q was going to have a party. We had a lot to celebrate. The end of a difficult year for our family, all the rellies in town for a wedding and Grandparents home from abroad. It was going to be big. In between keeping Q and M happy and the house from exploding into chaos I managed to whip this invite up. Seriously, I spent about 45 minutes on it, in between yells... sometimes we produce good things under pressure! I should mention I have a background in graphic design. If you would like a custom invite like this one, contact me for details. 
This image is an original design by Roz McKay and subject to copyright law. Please do not reproduce without permission.
Yes, it is true, over the past 12 months I sort of (well, actually) became obsessed with rainbows. It started with M wanting a rainbow themed room, and then has escalated from there, culminating in Q's 1st birthday party and dedication bash and well, to be honest, it's not really over.... there are several rainbow related projects still production. I was inspired in large by Pinterest and set about making a fabulous inspiration board. I am finding Pinterest really helpful in assisting me with the creative process... something I've really struggled with in the past. I have grand ideas but then they seem to get lost in translation, so keeping all the ideas I've come across has been great for me. You can check out my Rainbow Inspiration pinboard, here. So, if you decide yourself to have a rainbow party or embark on decorating a kids room with the theme, my board is a wonderful place to begin.
M and Mo
Q and M looking cute.
the rainbow pinata featured in my indoor decorations and then
well, was heartily destroyed to get to the chocolates inside!

I bought Q and M rainbow leg warmers for the party, but only succeeded in keeping Q's on... M was too busy changing outfits every five minutes. We put together a photo booth, that did not quite work out as planned because I discovered I couldn't be in 50 places at one time and did not have a team of stylists working with was still a bit of fun and my dear long suffering hubby sat up late making brightly coloured props including this cute mo, modeled by M.

I was quite pleased with the the sweet table, I made the "cake bunting" and little flags for the cupcakes with craft paper from Spotlight and to save myself I ordered the cake white and did the sprinkles... I got the idea for the cake from here . My wonderful family members helped make the treats, including the lovely rainbow smartie cookies (so cute and popular with the kids) and the fruit platter. I'm sorry I didn't get more pics from the day but I was running about like a headless chook! 

the treat table. Fresh daffodils only $2 a bunch!


I almost forgot to mention! I put together a weather themed playlist on itunes which was a lot of fun to make, choosing songs about rainbows (of course), sunshine, clouds and generally sweet things. I'll save you the trouble..... I've published it to the itunes store ... it's called "rainbow party" if you are looking for it... I've included the new version of Rainbow Connection, Weather with You by Crowded House, Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles just to name a few but the song I love most and that I hummed as I made decorations is this version of Somewhere over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole ...enjoy!